“time rewind 2020” projection collage


homage to Sylvie Fleurie


ART I MYTHS - who the f*ck is Galatea?

written identity

identity project


#plastic bags forever

in motion

April 8, 2018

myths ill framed

empty mirror of #mythology

Magdalena’s death mask

#myths unveiled


I will never be...

#spoken for

by the Polish #catholicchurch

stone sculpture

Magdalena's #wedding

#her underwear

take your rosaries off my ovaries III

#her life

take your rosaries off my ovaries I

#her shoes

take your rosaries off my ovaries II

hashtag #me

poster series no. 3 + 4

hashtag #me

poster series no. 5 + 6


in a brush stroke

light painting on canvas

nourishing principles of humankind

source of creation

The Berlin PIETA- brought back to life.

The portfolio is currently under construction, we apologize for the inconvenience.