“time rewind 2020” projection collage
Maria Magdalena Kossak is a German visual- and performance artist of Polish descent. She has earned her fine art degree at Universität der KünsteBerlin. The artist’s studio is located between the Berlin districts of Kreuzberg and Neukölln. Her work is being exhibited internationally.


homage to Sylvie Fleurie


ART I MYTHS - who the f*ck is Galatea?

written identity

identity project


#plastic bags forever

in motion

April 8, 2018

myths ill framed

empty mirror of #mythology

Magdalena’s death mask

#myths unveiled


I will never be...

#spoken for

by the Polish #catholicchurch

stone sculpture

Magdalena's #wedding

#her underwear

take your rosaries off my ovaries III

#her life

take your rosaries off my ovaries I

#her shoes

take your rosaries off my ovaries II

hashtag #me

poster series no. 3 + 4

hashtag #me

poster series no. 5 + 6


in a brush stroke

light painting on canvas

nourishing principles of humankind

source of creation

The Berlin PIETA- brought back to life.

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