Maria Magdalena Kossak revises the iconographical usage of plated gold and adds to it a powerful metaphor of collective and personal longing, characterised by a scheme of colours that range in shade between earthy/morbid and pallets that shimmer with a translucent light. This chromatic scheme effects a subversive blurring of the usual boundaries that demarcate fixed styles, genres and time periods. They suggest a restless movement of moods and materials that is characteristic of Kossak’s creative impulse. 
Many of Kossak’s works allude to Eastern European iconography, as well as to the canonic Western styles of Art Nouveau and Abstract Expressionism. One of her central themes concerns the historic-cultural qualities of „gold”, and its ambivalent mediation between material power and spiritual transcendence. Kossak explores the persistent human curiosity in the intrinsic substance of gold and its many surrogates, looking to it as an index of a more general system of social values.
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Berlin 128 – Magazine

Interview excerpt – Kultur im Dienste des Staates  
Text: Monika Stefanek, published in spring 2016, Berlin/ Germany

“… »Nationalistische Rhetorik  weckt natürlich Erinnerungen an die dunklen Zeiten in Europa«, sagt Maria Kossak.


Maria Kossak, Neuköllns Goldfinger 


Text: Marek Staszyc, published autumn 2015, Lodz/Poland –  Link zum Artikel




Text: Anna Tyszecka Erschienen im Sommer 2015, Warschau/Polen
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Text: Anna Tyszecka Erschienen im Sommer 2014, Warschau/Polen
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Source of Creativity 

symbolic coordination of left- and right brain hemisphere 
Synchronisation performance: Maria Kossak, summer 2018, Berlin/ Germany

“… »The hemispheres of the brain can be seen to represent the dualistic reality in which we live- «, says Maria Kossak.

The black bride

Performance at opening night of a show dedicated to women’s rights infringements
I will never be #MariaMagdalena: Maria Kossak, spring 2018, Cracow, Poland

“… »Hashtag- I will never be #MariaMagdalena ist eine Arbeit, die sich die Künstlerin im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes auf den Leib geschrieben hat.– «, Constanze Kleiner

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